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Ready Steady Go Kids: Sports Program for Children

Ready, Steady and GO! Sports classes are the ultimate way to introduce kids to sports, without signing up to an official club.

Ready Steady Go Kids is a weekly, multi-sports program to introduce preschoolers to sport. My youngest child has attended since she was 18 months old, which was part of the appeal. There aren’t many physical activity programs out there for kids before age 2, so I was keen for her to give it a try.

My eldest was 3.5 years old when she started. There are four age groups available:
Get Ready classes for ages 1.5-2.5 years (30 minutes duration)
Ready classes for ages 2.5-3 years (45 minutes)
Steady classes for 3-4 years (45 minutes duration)
Go classes for 4-6 years classes (45 minutes duration).

There are locations throughout the ACT, New South Wales, South Australian, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria. Some classes have recently returned with COVID-19 restrictions easing, and now might be a great time to try a class through a free trial, which you can book through the website.

The booking system is one of the easiest I have used. Simply head to the website, enter your postcode and the website will bring up a list of locations near to you. Select your preferred location, and the website will show you what days and times the classes are held, and you can also order a uniform if you want to.

So what happens at classes? During each 10 week term, children take part in 5 different sports, which works out to be 1 sport every 2 weeks. In the next term, they explore another 5 sports. The list of sports included is:
AFL Football

By doing this, children gain a taster of each sport and have fun while learning about things such as teamwork and sportsmanship, while developing their fine motor skills. Modified versions of the equipment are used to suit little hands. For example, they can have a go at cricket using the cutest little cricket bats I’ve ever seen!

There are typically 2 instructors per class, with class sizes ranging from 3 kids up to a maximum of 10-12. The instructors are always patient, friendly and truly interested in teaching the children. My youngest daughter’s class took place before my eldest’s, so no one was too bothered if my girls participated in each other’s classes.

The classes started with a thorough warm up to get their little bodies moving and exercises such as running games, circuits, skills games and team activities.

I’ll be honest - the younger kids won’t be focused half of the time and there is no doubt that they will just want to run around and not listen. But this is all part of learning listening skills and concentration!

My youngest daughter loves doing anything physical and loves the variety of new sports every couple of weeks, so this type of program suits her to a tee. My older daughter switched to gymnastics after six months, which was fine because the Ready Steady Go Kids Program gave her the opportunity to try out different sports and see what she enjoyed most. My youngest is just happy to run around, burn off some energy and hone in on those sporty skills.

You can book at any stage during the term, with pro-rata fees applied. Participation certificates are given at the end of each term, to help kids recognise how much they've learned.

Overall I would recommend the program to any parent of a preschooler, especially when they offer a free trial. You never know - it might be the first step towards them being serious about a sport in the future. Every Olympian starts early in life!

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