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Weight Watchers App

The Weight Watchers app is a convenient, mum-friendly way to lose weight.

Since having my second child, I no longer have an issue with excess 'baby weight.' I have 'cake weight.' I wish I was joking.

I lost my 'baby weight' gained from both children, but since my second was born, eating healthy and finding the time to exercise has taken a back seat to everything. I tend to go through phases where I put on weight quickly, especially around the times of my daughterís birthdays, hence the 'cake weight.'

This year, I decided to make a bit more time for myself. I donít have a lot of weight to lose, just a few kilos to get back to my pre-second-baby weight. Itís not a lot to ask but itís proving to be a challenge. Before kids, I would cut down my food a bit, up my exercise and the weight would just seem to fall off. Now, I need a bit of extra help.

Most people know about Weight Watchers, a program that has been around for over 50 years. Before the internet, program participants would join local meetings, with the help of a coach and encouragement from other fellow weight-loss hopefuls. These meetings still operate today, but a lot of the focus has now shifted to online, for tracking, coaching and a sense of community.

They use a special points system to track food intake and activity. Participants are given a designated number of points based on your height, current weight and circumstances, such as if you are breastfeeding. You can earn points from exercise and most fruits and vegetables have a Ďzeroí point value, so you donít have to bother tracking them.

Iíve used Weight Watchers in the past, and it helped me lose 7 kilograms, which I mostly kept off until my first pregnancy. Since then my weight has yo-yoed up and down, and itís frustrating to not be able to lose it and keep it off.

Iím still subscribed to Weight Watchers email list, so when I received an offer for six months half price, I decided I would give it another go.

The idea is to track your food intake and stay within your given points limit, and in theory you should lose weight. You do need to be honest and accountable for your food intake though for it to actually work!

Iíve been using the app for a little over 4 weeks and in that time, Iíve lost just over 1.5kg. It doesnít sound like a lot, and while itís better than nothing, itís not a lot because I tend to stray from a healthy eating plan, by eating snacks late at night as I work. Over the next month, my aim is to be more accountable for what I eat and tracking every thing I eat.

It has also made me really think about the nutritional value of food and eating the right foods. The other day I was super busy and had skipped lunch. In my haste, I grabbed a 6 pack of nuggets to take away and was dismayed that this Ďsnackí used a whopping 11 points! Thatís over a third of my daily points!

The app itself is really easy to use. It contains a huge database of foods and recipes, and you can save your favourite meals to track them easily. I think the best feature is not having to weigh your food (which many other programs require you to do). For example, if you have a piece of grilled chicken breast, you can just select whether you had small, medium or large, or you can choose a standard serving of foods.

I also like how it connects to my Fitbit app and uploads my step count and any exercise recorded on my FitBit to the app.There are also a heap of recipes to choose from on the app.

Iím not active in the community side of things, but I do enjoy looking at the posts and getting inspiration for food preparation.

Overall, Iím enjoying the app and it is helping me make better choices around food, especially in terms of using my points wisely and saying no to cake!

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